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What our clients are saying

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Associated Bodywork & 
Massage Professionals

"I give Don Greene, MA, CR, ACMT my highest recommendation in regard to his knowledge of alternative health and treatment.  I first met Don when I sought massage therapy treatment for my neck pain and soreness and was immediately impressed by his professionalism, expertise and skill.  Don alleviated my neck pain in one visit and resultantly has been the only massage therapist I continue to use.” 


“At subsequent visits, I’ve found Don to have an excellent understanding of holistic health and well-being and how to help his clients achieve the best physical condition possible.  He has been a great benefit not only to me and my own health, but also with my patients I refer to him.”


“I am a physical therapist and I treat patients both in the women’s health and orthopedic fields and have total confidence in the teatment that will be provided when I refer my patients to Don for co-treatments during their therapy or for maintenance of their health after their duration of physical therapy is over.”

     Andrea E.., PT, DPT


“I’ve had dozens of massages in Texas and elsewhere and this was the first time I’ve truly felt like my therapist listened and gave exactly what my body needed. My husband says his was fantastic massage too. I’ll..we’ back! From both of us… THANK YOU!”

     Jacy B.., Attorney
     Larry B.., NASA Engineer


“When you experience or find something that is great and life changing, you just want to share it with everyone! Well I want to share Don Greene, MA, CR, ACMT, with You. This man is gifted in the profession of massage therapy and alternative treatments. Coupled with his knowledge of the human body and anatomy, is his ability to soothe and smooth your twisted and knoted muscles, aches and pains and bring healing. He does it in such a way that you will find yourself sinking into a deep, relaxed state – no matter how much you hurt when you first walk in that door. When you come to Don, you will be finished with masking your pain through drugs. You will begin to learn how to take care of yourself and get on the road to healing.”


“I am now convinced that massage therapy is perhaps THE most important thing I can do for myself! I used to struggle with guilt for feeling that I needed a massage. I saw it as “pampering” myself when I ought to be working. Now I see it as a responsibility to take good care of this body I’ve been given! I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” and massage therapy helps me keep this body running at optimum performance.” 


“Another quality that Don Greene brings to the profession of massage therapy is his high moral character. This was a huge concern to me when I was seeking a massage therapist. Let me assure you that there are no worries here with Don Greene. You will never question his character or motives and you will never feel uncomfortable because of him.”


“So what are you waiting for? If you want to feel better, you’re tired of the pain and you’re convinced that you need to take better care of yourself, pick up the phone…call Don. You’ll never regret it!”

     Dana P.., Adv. Sales


“Don Greene has been my massage therapist for over 6 years, and I am very pleased with his service.  Massage is so very important in the nursing profession in enhancing the function of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue; It also promotes relaxation and well-being.” 


“I have a history of headaches from previous brain surgery and with use of his skillful massage and natural aromatherapy oils; Don is able to get rid of my migraine headaches wihin a few minutes.  I have referred several clients to Don and each and everyone have been astonished at his knowledge and service.”

      Sherri C.., LPN  


“I would like to extend my highest recommendation for Mr. Don Greene, MA, CR, CMT. I have known and worked with Don for nearly 4 years and from my very first appointment with him felt nothing but absolute professionalism, courtesy and respect. I am confident that the referrals I send to Don feel this way too.”


“On a personal note, I have had to deal with several medical issues over the years and Don has been able to help me in some way with all of them. I had six months of recovery from an orthopedic procedue and have also experienced intermittently some myofascial inflammation and deep tissue discomfort.  All of these symptoms were greatly improved following my treatment sessions with Don.  He is absolutely the only massage therapist I recommend, whether it be for recovery from a sports injury or for simple release of muscle tension.”


“As a professor of Life Sciences currently teaching Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences Division as well as Human Physiology in the Engineering and Science Division at a local college, I have complete confidence that Don also shares an intricate understanding of A&P, which makes him well qualified to address a wide varity of client health issues. Don’s knowledge of nutritional supplements as well as complementary alternative treatments is an added benefit his clients may receive.”

     Angela S.., PhD


“I have been receiving massage therapy from Don Greene for the past 3 years and have referred employees and friends to him as well.  Don does a great job, is a very knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist and is of the highest ethical and moral charater.”


“Over the past 3 years there have been no complaints and multiple compliments with many positive effects from receiving his massage therapy.  I would highly recommend Don to anyone interested in receiving a very therapeutic, and relaxing compliment to remaining healthy.”

     Larry C.., RN, LTC, Ret. (USAF)


“I have been a client of Don Greene’s for over four years and I can attest to his professionalism and knowledge of not only massage techniques, but also to alternative health solutions.  Don has assisted me with several health issues, for example, recommending a fiber and herbal cleansing support for my digestive health and a supplement to take for my allergies. As with any aches I may have, Don is inquistive about how much sitting or standing I do during the course of my regular workday, and appropiately suggests what kind of stretching or exercising would be most benefical to me.  He is also very knowledgeable about herbal remedies.”


“With my regular doctor, I always get another prescription for some type of synthetic drug, but I prefer to use natural remedies as much as possible.  I am greatful that I know I can trust Don to advise me about supplements that are healthier for me and have no negative side effects.”


“I already recommend him as a great massage therapist to my friends and co-workers. His office is very warm, inviting and relaxing.  I’ve received massages from several therapists and I prefer Don for his knowledge, interest in my well-being and level of expertise.”

     Kelli S.., Legal Assistant

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