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    I’m pleased to say most of our new business comes from referrals of appreciative and satisfied clients.

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Various Massage Treatments

Royal Treatment:

This is Don's own definitive term to describe his most popular 80 minute full body professional massage using an unhurried combination of several modalities concluding with foot reflexology and a brief face and neck massage..always using an intuitive approach. Your treatment or session will be custom tailored to address your specific needs.  

Some special modalities and techniques which may be used in your treatment may include:


Therapeutic Massage – manipulation of soft tissue structures to prevent or alleviate pain, spasm, tension and stress 


Swedish Massage – very slow soothing and relaxing style 


Danish Massage – similar to Esalen with added forearm and long full body strokes 


Deep Tissue Massage – intense bodywork to relieve chronic tension in deeper layers of muscular tissue due to misalignment, repetitive or restrictive movements, and resulting in flushing out of toxins 


Trigger Point Therapy – technique focuses on stimulating and releasing various trigger points in the body which addresses those tender areas of muscular tension. They are similar to acupressure points, except they occur in the belly of the muscle rather than along energy pathways. This modality can be a little uncomfortable at times but is often quite effective. 


Reflexology – application of manual pressure by fingers to specific points or areas  (usually on the feet, but can also be to the hands and ears) called reflex points that correspond to other parts of the body via the nerve pathways. This technique may reveal other problem areas and improve circulation and stimulate energy to relieve tension in those areas. 


Myofascial Release Techniques – this comfortable hands-on soft tissue technique facilitates a 90 to 120 second stretch and release into the restricted fascia, the tough connective three-dimensional web like tissue which surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ all the way down to the cellular level. Note: This treatment on completely dry skin proceeds any massage. 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage – MLD as it's referred to, is a gentle and very light massage that mimics the action of the lymphatic system, uses precise light pressure, slow repetitive strokes to open and stimulate lymph vessel contraction to reduce and release the accumulation of fluid out of soft tissue and lymph nodes.


Pre-Natal Massage – form of Swedish massage performed during 2nd through 8th month of the pregnancy reduces muscular tension in neck, shoulders, back and legs. It improves lymphatic and blood circulation, reduces anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieves aches and joint pains, and may labor outcomes and newborn health. Women who receive regular prenatal massage experience reduced hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol (stress hormones) and dopamine and serotonin levels (which are associated with reducing depression) are increased. 


Couples Massage – This is an absolutely awesome enjoyable relaxing experience given to the 2 of you on tables side by side by 4 very skillful hands with a cozy room with soft light and music.

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